“How to Attract More Customers Online

to Your Local Business”

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Find out what local businesses are doing to grow their business online

Get straight answers to the questions every business owner out there wants to know:

  • How can I use the internet to get more customers and increase revenue?
  • How do I get customers to come to me instead of me trying to chase them?
  • How do I figure out all this social media and optimisation stuff without wasting so much time and energy?
  • How do I earn credibility without sounding like a sleazy salesman and build my brand online?
  • How can I convince people to listen to me?


Sail past the confusing social media strategies and online marketing tactics around the internet that suck your time, money and energy before you even start. Stop trying to “figure it out”. There’s a SIMPLE way to get clients and customers to come to you.


Even if you’re starting from scratch online

Even if you a have a small marketing budget

Here’s what you’ll quickly learn in the FREE webinar we put together SPECIFICALLY for small and medium-sized businesses. In a few SIMPLE steps we’ll show you:

  • The single most effective tool online right NOW that attracts leads and gets the phones ringing (and why it’ll remain so for years to come).
  • How you can bring clients to you instead of wasting your money and energy on the “hard sell” (so you can have more free time).
  • How to beat your competition – even if they’ve been in business longer.
  • How to build yourself as an authority in your field on the internet (crucial to getting recognition and turning leads into paying clients).
  •  Hidden psychological techniques you can use to get people to like you and trust you, so you generate more business.


About Us

Hi, we’re Dwight, Matt and Dimitri.

We’re three guys with 10 years of internet marketing experience. In previous lives (before we met each other) we all had day jobs. But desperate to escape the office limitations we started to look for ways to make an income online.

Individually, we tried everything under the sun. On the way we made a ton of mistakes. But gradually, eventually, after some hard work, we found our own individual ways out of the confining corporate walls and into the light of being in charge of our own income.

After meeting one day, we decided we’ve all got individual skills that complement the others’ well. So we decided to form a company showing small and medium-sized businesses how to do effective marketing online.

Now we want to share our knowledge by showing you the most effective method we’ve found that gets leads. It’s what we focus our entire attention on right now.


Where we speak and coach:

Internet Business School logo The Internet Business School

4bn logo4Business Networking London events

pdb logoThe Personal Development Bureau


Who we are:

dwight pic Dwight Harrison

Video Marketing: Entrepreneur with expertise in video production and video marketing, for local business traffic and lead generation.

dimitri pic small Dimitri Pesin

Persuasive Conversion: Copywriter. Works on persuasion, social psychology, lead optimisation and conversion.

matt pic small 1 Matt Dickson

Technical Systems: Specialist in website development and online marketing systems, focusing on video for increased traffic and leads.


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